Axel Mendoza

Hi there πŸ‘‹

I am Axel Mendoza, a Senior Machine Learning Engineer with a unique approach that integrates technical proficiency with mindfulness and AI ethics.

My writing platform, ConsciousML Blog, is the medium where I share insights, discoveries, and best practices about building end-to-end Machine Learning products.

I share insightful articles on Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and MLOps while exploring the art of Productivity, ensuring that we not only build efficient AI systems but also live fulfilling lives. My articles πŸ“ aim to simplify complex topics and offer actionable insights.

From best practices to modern productivity hacks, cloud services, and tools that enhance our work and lives, I try my best to be constantly exploring and sharing. My goal? To make our interactions with technology and daily tasks more conscious, efficient, and rewarding 🎯

Hope you enjoy reading my content as much as I enjoy writing it. Let’s learn together 🀝